Collection: 48v DIY LiFePO4 BATTERY

Need a simple and safe solution for powering 48v devices? Jehu has the perfect 48v solution, rack mount or wall mount.

To make the complete battery you'll need:

  • x16 cells LEV60, sold separately > HERE
  • Busbars
  • 48v 16S Busbar PCB for LEV60, sold separately > HERE
  • Fish Paper (isolation between cells) > HERE
  • 100A JBD BMS > HERE
  • 125A DC breaker > HERE
  • M8 Nut Caps > HERE
  • 6AWG cables > HERE
  • 6x1/4 lugs > HERE

Need step by step instructions on how to build your very own 48v DIY LiFePO4 Battery using the popular LEV60 cells? Click this video now to see Jehu's free step-by-step instructional video: