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A shop for DIY-ers, by DIY-ers

JAG35 is the DIY lithium sanctuary for the fearless few. We cater to the unafraid tinkerers, the garage Einsteins, the rebels of the rechargeable revolution. Because here, you build your own darn power.

JAG35 offers: Great lithium cells (no junk, just the good stuff), experienced know-how (we spill the beans on everything lithium), and a supportive community (DIY-ers unite, share your projects, swap stories, and avoid fiery mishaps). Remember, with great power comes great responsibility (and awesome builds).

JAG35 is NOT for: The faint of heart, folks expecting customer service with a smile (we're more like a smirk & helpful nudge place), people who think safety glasses are optional (by the way, we disclaim all liability for any eyebrows singed in the pursuit of battery nirvana. We jest... mostly).

Who is Jehu Garcia of JAG35?