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Are the EB4s good as Expansion batteries?

"Those two EB4 batteries that I bought work well. I doubled the storage capacity of my Ecoflow and now I'm running with peace of mind my Zero Breeze air conditioner in the cabin of my semi-truck during my sleeping time." -GR

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Jehu Garcia: The Youtube Battery King

From unschooled carpenter to film gear entrepreneur to DIY-ing his own electrified classic to energy influencer. Jehu believes using sustainable energy is the smartest way to live. He advocates for green energy, solar power, EV adoption, battery recycling & reuse, DIY power walls and individual empowerment via technology.

“Garcia doesn’t have any formal training, and hasn’t ever taken a professional engineering class. He was brought over the border from Mexico as a child, and never attended college. [...] He’s far easier to relate to than a tech executive or professional engineer.” -VICE Media

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