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Aluminum Busbars for LEV60 Battery !CLEARANCE!

Aluminum Busbars for LEV60 Battery !CLEARANCE!

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Brand new high-discharge aluminum busbars! These aluminum busbars are 1200A capable at 12v, that's over 14,000W! Perfect for turning the powerful LEV60F lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) cells into high discharge, high performance batteries for things like 12v car audio, marine, 48v golf cart/UTV, and other high performance uses that require high amp discharge capability. Also great for building DIY solar systems and stationary storage batteries. See videos below to know which busbars to buy and where to put them.

LEV60 cells sold separately HERE. Hardware not included. 2/0 aluminum terminal blocks not included, but linked below. LEV60 Terminal torque: 9Nm +/- 3 / 6.64ft-lb.

Available in 4 variations (choose from dropdown menu):

  • D-Plate Aluminum Busbar Pair, set of x2 plates. Use these to add 2/0 Aluminum Terminal Blocks (not included).

  • Thin D-Plate Aluminum Busbar (sold individually). Use with 4s, 8s, 10s, 12s, and any other combination of cells.
  • Square Aluminum Busbar (sold individually)

  • Long Aluminum Busbar (sold individually)

  • 55mm Series Aluminum Busbar (sold individually)

  • 43mm Parallel Aluminum Busbar (sold individually)

  • Double Square Aluminum Busbar (sold individually)

  • Double D-Plate Aluminum Busbar (sold individually)


I want to make this 12v 296Ah LEV60 BEAST! Which busbars do I need?


To make this 12v 296Ah LEV60 BEAST you need 3x of the "Double Square Aluminum Busbars" + 2x of the "Double D-Plate Aluminum Busbars" (choose from dropdown menu). 16x LEV60 cells in 4S4P configuration make 12 volts, 296 Amp hours, 1600 Amps / 19,200 Watts continuous, 2400 Amps / 28,800 Watts burst.

Other components you'll need to make a full working battery:

  • Fish Paper for isolation between cells available > HERE
  • Compression kit sold separately > HERE
  • Jumper cables for BattGo BG-8S balancer sold separately > HERE
  • BattGo BG-8S Balancer (up to 8S) available> HERE


*** IMPORTANT NOTE: There are at least 2 variants on these terminal blocks. Our latest plates are compatible with both styles, but older plates are only compatible with B type blocks. See this diagram for details.




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