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Hey guys! So after doing some work to wake up the internal BMS of my scooter batteries, there's still the question about how to harvest these cells easily and safely, being that they are premium cells (Panasonic NCR18650BD). Here's how to DIY harvest the JAG35 scooter batteries.

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     With blackouts going on in northern California most people are preparing, stocking up in hardware stores, looking for extension cords, water coolers, generators which pretty much sold out everywhere, causing all kinds of trouble, forcing people to look into alternative power options.      But I will show you how to build an easiest, quickest DIY Powerwall money can buy, so let’s do it!  You will need some kind of box to use as an enclosure, I have this standard 19” flight rack case like it shows in the picture above from my old band days, which are fairly common and will...

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