Unused LG Li-ion 21700 Cells 3.6v 4800mAh INR21700-M50L

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UNUSED CELLS in factory packaging. Unused LG INR21700-M50L 3.6v 4800mAh 21700 li-ion cells give you very large capacity at an affordable price, perfect for your DIY battery projects. Factory packaging contains 130 cells per box. Orders containing more or less than 130 cells will be repackaged for shipping.

These cells are naked (un-wrapped/un-sleeved), so you'll need to shrink wrap them to prevent shorting. Wraps sold separately here.

Available in 3 options (choose from dropdown menu):

  • x1 LG INR21700-M50L cell (max 13 cells)
  • x14 LG INR21700-M50L cells (max 9 sets)
  • x130 LG INR21700-M50L cells in Factory Box (Max 5 sets. To buy more than x5 sets, email support@jag35.com)


LG INR2170-M50L Specs:


  • Nominal 4.80Ah
  • C/10 4.80Ah


  • Continuous 9.3A
  • Peak 21A

Max Discharge Current

  • -20 ~ 10°C:  0.5C (2,400mA)
  • 10 ~ 25°C:  3.0C (14,400mA)
  • 25 ~ 55°C:  1.5C (7,200mA)


  • Amperage 4800mAh
  • Nominal Voltage: 3.69V
  • Nom 18.2Wh
  • Min 17.6Wh


  • Continuous 31.3 W
  • Peak 74.9 W

Energy Density

  • Gravimetric 263 Wh/kg
  • Volumetric 722 Wh/l

Power Density

  • Gravimetric 1.10 kW/kg
  • Volumetric 3.03 kW/l


  • Diameter : ≤ 21.44 mm
  • Height : ≤ 70.60 mm

Operating Temperature

  • Charge: 0 ~ 45ºC
  • Discharge: -20 ~ 55ºC


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