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Coda EV Battery Module LiFeP04

Coda EV Battery Module LiFeP04

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Coda is one of those companies that attempted to manufacture Electric cars,  they failed and then they tried again and failed again.  These are modules from vehicles sold at their factory liquidation  sale a few years ago.  The cars were recycled but the battery were saved and now here they need an new purpose.  Theres 2 variants  5s and 6s so if you need 48v for storage application it can be achieved by using the following combinations:

2x 5s + 1x 6s = 16s = 48v

2x 6s + 1x 5s = 17s = 48v

3x 5s = 15s = 48v 

Some inverters will work with these combinations,  Victron inverters are the best at dealing with packs with voltages slightly off the 48v standard.


5s6p - 1.6kWh module

Size: 15”x 8" x 5"

Weight: 33 lbs

Capacity: 100Ah 

Voltage Range: 13v - 18.25v

Power : 200A - 400A Bursts 

Chemistry: LiFeP04


6s6p - 1.9kWh Module 

Size: 18” x 8” x5”

Weight: 39 Lbs

Capacity: 100Ah

Voltage Range: 15v - 21.9v

Chemistry: LiFeP04

Power : 200A - 400A Bursts 


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