R5 R-Series 36v 13Ah 460Wh eBike/Scooter Battery

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Reclaimed R5 (R-Series) eBike/eScooter Battery Packs  460Wh 36v 13Ah. They contain the powerful and popular high-capacity lithium-ion Panasonic NCR18650BD 3200mAh 18650 cells. These are virtually the same packs as the very popular 40-cell scooter packs but without the need for an activating dongle. These can be used as 460Wh E-Bike battery packs, though originally made as E-Scooter battery packs. Connect x2 in series to make 72v 13Ah 920Wh. Connect x2 in parallel to make 36v 26Ah 920Wh.

Packs may have some cosmetic blemishes from storage. Some packs have the cables cut, this means you can either choose a pack with an XT connector from the dropdown menu or you'll need to add your own XT connector.

** NOTE:  To buy more than x4 packs, email support@jag35.com for a custom invoice.


Capacity : 12.8Ah

size : 18" L x 4" W x 2.25" H

Weight : 8.2 LBS


These R-Series eBike packs are available in 3 versions (choose from dropdown menu  ):

  • R5 Series - 460Wh 36v 13Ah, cables cut, UNTESTED
  • R5 Series - 460Wh 36v 13Ah, we add XT60 connector, UNTESTED
  • R5 Series - 460Wh 36v 13Ah, we add XT90 connector, TESTED

 ** NOTE:  To buy more than x4 packs, email support@jag35.com for a custom invoice.


  • R5 Series 36v eBike packs can give you a range of approximately 30-45 miles at low speeds (10mph), or  approximately 15-20 miles at high speeds (20mph).


    Charger sold separately. These packs can be charged using our standard 42v 2A charger or by using an 8A fast charger. Make sure you choose a charger with the right XT connector, if not you'll have to splice in your own connector. We recommend fully charging this pack as soon as you receive it.

    Harvesting Cells

    If you prefer to harvest the cells, you have to remove the rubber around the cells and extract the cells as shown here. You'll have to cut and clean the Nickel interconnects using snips.

    Once the cells are out and clean you will have to test them using a charger like this.

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    Listings that are "untested" are sold as-is. These items are sold for DIY and Second Life purposes. Even when sold as “new”, “NOS”, or “like-new”, they may be in less than perfect condition.