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High Voltage Automotive EVC 250-800 Main Contactor 800v E0600336

High Voltage Automotive EVC 250-800 Main Contactor 800v E0600336

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The EVC 250-800 contactor is specially designed with a rated load voltage of 800V.  The internal design,  ensures creepage and clearance distances according to IEC 60664 up to 1000V. This feature makes the EVC 250-800 contactor ideally suited for commercial vehicles as well as passenger cars with elevated system voltages.

EVC 250-800 Contactor Highlights

    • Compact high voltage main contactor
    • Voltage rating up to 800VDC
    • Continuous current up to 250A at 85°C
    • Short circuit carry currents up to 6kA


    DC high voltage applications as main contactor in 
    hybrid and electric vehicles especially for: 

    • Commercial vehicles
    • Trucks and buses
    • Passenger cars


    The requirements for the main contactor under normal operation conditions are:

    • Connect and disconnect the battery
    • Carry several hundred Amps with low power dissipation
    • Ensure full galvanic isolation, when the vehicle is turned off

    The requirements for failure cases are:

    • The contactor must be able to switch off overcurrents of up to 700A
    • The contactor must still be capable of separating the circuit after an overload
    • The contacts must remain closed in case of overload (especially at short circuits), as long as the contactor is activated
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