High Power 18650 Battery Module DIY PCB Kit 5x

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This is the basic HP kit.  It includes everything to make a x70 18650 cell battery pack 24v +- 700wh (7s14p). Requires Assembly and soldering.

Battery cells sold separately > Find batteries here

HP PCB KIT (included)
Contents: Battery Module PCB DIY Kit

5x Printed Circuit Boards
30x 2cell 18650 holders
10x 1cell 18650 holders
5x 15A fuses
5x IDC Socket connector
5x IDC Ribbon connector
1x 15" Ribbon cable
4x M4x6mm Screw
4x M4 Nuts
20x M4x 40mm standoffs
Download PCB v1.3 Gerber


BMS KIT (optional)
Contents: Battery Management System DIY Kit

1x PCB
3x 20A BMS units
3x 3M Double sided Adhesive
2x 35A Fuses with Bases
4x M4 screw terminals
4x M4 Nuts
4x M4 screws
4x M4x25mm standoffs
1x 6" solid copper wire
1x XT90 Pigtail
1x 16pin IDC socket connector
1x 16pin IDC connector
 Download BMS Gerber

SOC KIT (optional)
Contents: 7s State of Charge Meter DIY Kit

42x Resistors (Various 1,2,3,4,5)
1x Dip Switch
1x PCB
7x LM3914n
7x 10segment LED
4x M4 Screws
4x M4 Nuts
4x M4x 25mm Standoffs
4x Nylon standoffs
7x 5A fuses
Download S7 SOC Gerber File


Also available is my 7S BMS MODULE 50A-60A -1200W

Battery cells sold separately > Find batteries here