2.2kwh Powerpack Project

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This is a full kit for building a 2.2kwh Powerpack that fits inside a small compact suitcase, that is easy to carry around. This power pack can be used for many applications. It's designed to use 18650 batteries, which will need to be purchased separately, we have a link at the bottom of our suggested batteries. It is designed around a Printed Circuit board using Surface mount cell holders its scalable by stacking multiple boards on top of each other using brass standoffs that also serve as the electrical connection between them.
Here are the modules included in this kit:
14x HP Modules
2x BMS Complete
1x Hardware
Additional parts needed for this project can be found here: https://kit.co/jehu/2-2kwh-24v-powerpack-build

Assembly Required

Hardware (1 kit included)
6x M4x25 standoffs
2x M4x18mm plastic standoffs
6x M4x12mm screws
4x M4 16mm screws
1x  XT60 connector
1x 55” Ribbon Cable
1x 16” Ribbon Cable
3x XT60pw connectors
2x XT60 pigtails
2x XT90 pigtails

HP Module Kit (14 kits included)
Contents: Hi Power 7s Battery Module kit
1x PCB 
2x 1cell holders 
6x 2cell holders 
1x 16pin IDC socket
1x 16pin IDC connector
4x 40mm bras M4 Standoffs 
4x 6mm M4 Nylon standoffs 
4x M4 Nuts
4x M4 Screws 
2x 15A Fuses

BMS KIT (2x kits included)
Contents: Battery Management System DIY Kit

1x PCB
3x 20A BMS units
3x 3M Double sided Adhesive
2x 35A Fuses with Bases
4x M4 screw terminals
4x M4 Nuts
4x M4 screws
4x M4x25mm standoffs
1x 6" solid copper wire
1x XT90 Pigtail
1x 16pin IDC socket
1x 16pin IDC connector
 Download BMS Gerber

BATTERIES (sold separately)
Contents: Sony VTC6 18650 Lithium Battery Cells

Typical Capacity: 3050mAh
Nominal Capcity: 3000mAh
Diameter: 18mm
Length: 65mm
Voltage nominal: 3.6V
Charge voltage cut-off: 4.2V
Discharging cut-off: 2.5V

 Click here to buy batteries

batteries sold from a different vendor

Exterior measures 17.6" x 13.7" x 6.3" and interior measures 16.9" x 11.8" 

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Sold Separately