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Solar PLC Lithium battery protection system

Solar PLC Lithium battery protection system

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6 to 16 cell monitor and configurable 1 amp max balance. High accuracy voltage sensing. Designed for robust hot-plug performance. Well-explained easy to use API for 3rd party devices for reading/pushing data with a JSON post! (First on the market) Linux & Android & Apple-friendly. Can be configured and monitored from any operating system such as Windows that can run the browser, Android, Linux, iPhone any kind of tablet computer or old smartphone (anything which can run a browser on it). Board has 16 Bit, 6 to16 channel Battery monitoring and balancing capability (1 ampere). You can choose to use 6,7,8,9…16 cells to monitor and balance at the same time. Common port charging and discharging supported. 24/7, 365 days online monitoring, always on with ultra-low power consumption (under 1 watt guaranteed even while multiple clients connected).


100Amp Max, 30Amp Max, 50Amp Max, 65Amp Max

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