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EVE MB31 314Ah 3.2V LiFeP04 Battery 10000 Cycles Grade A+

EVE MB31 314Ah 3.2V LiFeP04 Battery 10000 Cycles Grade A+

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Price is for each cell,  minimum order is 2 because they come in a box of 2 cells 

EVE Grade A+ deep cycle 314Ah batteries, free busbar and screws, A+ high quality; 100% inspected and isolation package, 3-year warranty, matched voltage and capacity, with good appearance, not bulge cells.

★ EVE A+ 10000 Cycles Brand New Batteries
★ Clear verified intact QR code
★ Matched (Capacity& IR & voltage)
★ Free M6 busbars, screws and Epoxy Plate)
★ Fresh Stock Manufactured Date
Applications: Electric Power Systems, Electric vehicles, Golf carts, electric scooter, Marine, Sailboat, electric bicycle, Solar system etc.,

The EVE MB31 314Ah 3.2V LiFePO4 Battery is a high-performance Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery cell known for its safety, long lifespan, and impressive capacity.

Items Specifications Remark
Manufacturer EVE Energy
Model MB31
Form Prismatic
Nominal Capacity 314Ah
Continuous Charge/Discharge Rating 0.5C (157A)
Maximum Charge/Discharge Rating (30 Seconds) 1C (314A)
Cycle Life 8,000 cycles
Nominal Voltage 3.2V
AC Impedance Resistance (1KHz) 0.18mΩ
Protected No
Rechargeable Yes
Approx. Dimensions (LxWxH) 173.7mm x 71.7mm x 204.6mm
Approx. Weight 5,600g
Country of Origin China
End-of-discharge Voltage (Umin) 2.5V(T>0℃) /
2.0V(T≤0℃) /
Standard Charging Power 0.5P 25℃±2℃
Max.Continuous Charging Power 0.5P 25℃±2℃
Standard Discharging Power 0.5P 25℃±2℃
Max.Continuous Discharging Power 0.5P 25°℃±2℃
Initial Internal Resistance 0.18mΩ±0.05mΩ AC,1 kHz,Delivery SOC,Fresh cell
Weight (g) 5600g±300 g /
DimensionsH*L*T 207.2* 173.7 * 71.7 mm With Terminal
Charging Temperature 0℃-60℃ /
Discharging Temperature -30℃-60℃ /
Storage Temperature (1 Year) 0℃-35℃ Delivery SOC status
Storage Temperature (1 month) -20℃-45℃
Self-dischargeFirst Month ≤3.5%/M Delivery SOC status,25°C±2℃ storage
Self-dischargeAfter First Month ≤3.5%/M


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