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Jumper Cable Connector 2.54mm for PCB, Male to Female

Jumper Cable Connector 2.54mm for PCB, Male to Female

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This listing is for 1x Jumper Cable connector. Use these for connecting components together, like connecting PCB boards to meters & balancers.

Available in 3 variants (choose from dropdown menu):

  • 5-pin jumper cable, male to female
  • 6-pin jumper cable, male to female
  • 8-pin jumper cable, male to female
  • 9-pin jumper cable, male to female 


  • 10cm length
  • 2.54mm
  • Wire Dupont Line
  • Male to Female
  • CE certified


Connecting a meter/balancer to LEV60 LiFePO4 batteries?

  • For 12v LEV60 LiFePO4 batteries, use the 5-pin jumper cable.
  • For 16v LEV60 LiFePO4 batteries, use the 6-pin jumper cable.
  • For 24v LEV60 LiFePO4 batteries, use the 9-pin jumper cable.

Connecting a meter/balancer to Li-ion batteries?

  • For 24v Li-ion batteries, use the 8-pin jumper cable.



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