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LGUE63B Modular Pouch Cell Modules

LGUE63B Modular Pouch Cell Modules

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UNUSED EV-grade pouch cell modules! Modules have zero cycles and contain similar 3.7v cells to the LG NMC pouch cells, but in connected module form. Modular design, so you can disassemble or combine to make different voltages. For example, buy 14x of the 1s3p config to make voltages like 48v (14s) and other voltages. Did we mention these are unused with zero cycles? Easy access to all the terminals. Easily add your own chill plate for liquid cooling. The cells are not taken from any recalled battery packs. BMS not included.

Compared to regular lithium-ion cells, these pouch cells provide better temperature stability and tolerance. Ultra thin design = small size, extremely light weight, and ability to accommodate many applications. Use as cheap way to build out a solar battery solution.

Available in 3 variants (choose from dropdown menu):

  • 1s3p Configuration 3.7v 180Ah 653Wh
  • 9s3p Configuration 33v 180Ah 5.88kWh
  • 10s3p Configuration 36v 180Ah 6.48kWh


1s3p Module Specs

  • Configurations:  1s3p
  • Voltage:  3.7v
  • Capacity:  180Ah
  • Energy:  653Wh
  • Dimensions: 14"x4.5"x2.5"


9s3p Module Specs

  • Configurations:  9s3p
  • Voltage:  33v
  • Capacity:  180Ah
  • Energy:  5.88kWh
  • Dimensions: 14"x17"x4.5"



10s3p Module Specs

  • Configurations:  10s3p
  • Voltage:  36v
  • Capacity:  180Ah
  • Energy:  6.48kWh
  • Dimensions: 14"x20"x4.5"


Cell Specs

  • Brand: LG
  • Product: LGUE63B
  • Chemistry: Li-ion
  • Voltage: 3.63v
  • Capacity: 60Ah
  • Energy: 218Wh
  • Discharge Rate: 2C


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