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TEKTON 10-Inch Straight Pattern Tin Snips| 35104

TEKTON 10-Inch Straight Pattern Tin Snips| 35104

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TEKTON 10-Inch Straight Pattern Tin Snips| 35104

For straight or wide curving cuts in steel up to 22 gauge, choose the TEKTON 10 in. Straight Pattern Tin Snips.

Versatile and Comfortable

Designed to make straight cuts or wide, curving cuts to the left or right, these snips can be operated with either hand. Soft, two-layer, non-slip grips ease hand stress letting you comfortably exert more force and work longer without fatigue.

Premium Performance and Long Life

With a 2-1/4 in. cut length, they can handle up to 22 gauge cold rolled steel or 26 gauge stainless steel. For smooth, consistent performance and longer service life, cutting edges are precisely ground and hardened with a high-frequency process.

High Quality Construction

Forged from high-strength carbon steel and heat-treated to exacting specifications, these snips are made to meet or exceed all related ANSI/ASME standards.

10 in.
  • Cuts straight or in wide curves
  • High strength forged and heat treated carbon steel
  • Precision-ground cutting edges are high frequency treated to increase hardness and durability
  • Soft, two-layer, non-slip handle grips for extra comfort
  • Designed for use with either left or right hand


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