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Samsung SDI ESS Energy Storage Battery 16S 60 Volt - Used 13.2 kWh Rack Mount

Samsung SDI ESS Energy Storage Battery 16S 60 Volt - Used 13.2 kWh Rack Mount

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This Samsung SDI ESS Mega 3.3 backup battery has been decommissioned from a large ESS project with plenty of usable capacity left in them. This is a special purchase, and is limited to stock on hand. These packs are rated for 3.9kWh with a nominal rating of 3.3kWh. We have been testing them and are finding 3.2kWh on average. We will guarantee these to have 3.0kWh or more. These cells are used,  but still pass capacity under our own testing.

We are currently selling these by the crate, which is 4 of these units. Cost is $500 each, for a total of $2000. Shipping is Free flat rate  LTL  Service to the lower 48 states. 

Height: 6.5 inches
Width: 19.25 inches
Length: 21.5 inches
Weight: 110 lbs
Mounting: Rack Mount
Nominal Capacity: 68 Ah
Nominal Voltage: 58.4 Volts
Voltage Range: 49.8-65.2 Volts
Thermal Monitoring: 8 Integrated Thermistors
Battery Monitoring: Integrated Board and Compatible Plugs
Voltage Range: 49.8-65.2 Volts
Connection Out: M8 Threaded Insert
Warranty Period: Ninety Days to 3.0kWh Capacity




Note that these are reclaimed packs, so the actual cell voltage you receive may be lower than the label shows. These items are sold for DIY and Second Life purposes. Listings that are “untested” as sold as-is and cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded. We make no guarantees that all cells will be usable. Even when sold as “new”, “NOS”, or “like-new”, they may be in less than perfect condition. Buyer is responsible for proper cell recycling/disposal. Sold as-is. No refunds.

If you buy a product from us and then realize you don't have, or don't want to acquire, the tool(s) or information needed to make our product(s) work for your specific build, this does not constitute valid grounds for replacements, exchanges or refunds. You are responsible for doing your due diligence before making any purchases.

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