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XT60 Connectors Female Male 12AWG 5.9inch Pigtails

XT60 Connectors Female Male 12AWG 5.9inch Pigtails

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XT60 pigtails

MakerDoIt 2019 Upgrades XT60 Connectors Female Male with 12AWG 5.9inch Wire and Functional Wire Cover (3 Female + 3 Male)

Here, we have UPGRADE XT60 connectors Female Male with soldered wire,
universal and perfect for anyone getting started in the hobby and any other area want to use a quick connect and disconnect, super durable, being able to withstand the high current.

It is a good deal when these things are near impossible to find on store shelves.
You can convert all your RC plugs to these connectors.

Metal Material: Brass Gold Plated
Plastic Material: PA
FR Level: UL94 V0
Internal Resistance: 0.5mΩ
Rated Voltage: DC 500V
Rated Current: 30A
Momentary Current: 60A
Cable SPEC.: 12AWG
Temperature Resistance: -20°C~120°C


  • 【Upgrade】 It is really upgrade compared to the standard design, easily remove the grey cover, easily handling significant current without the problems caused by screw-on terminals. Soldered leads to ensure reliable contact. Tight-fitting connector, are able to be connected/ disconnected easily.
  • 【Functional Wire Cover】 Do not worry about unsuccessful soldering that leads insecurely and unbeautifully. With the gray functional wire cover to cover the open wire, and make the soldering job look professional, beats all the shrink tubing, you do not have to use shrink tubing to seal off the wire, create a lot better-looking connection. It also gives more to hold when plug/ unplugs the connector.
  • 【Easy Solder】 The solder terminals are long enough for soldering using a low temp soldering iron. Tip: while soldering having male-female connections in place to keep connectors aligned. You will love the job!
  • 【Pre-tinned Ends】The attached wire is heavy gauge & pre-tinned at the ends, tinned ends of the wires make it extremely easy to solder.
  • 【Package Included】3 pairs XT60 Connectors Female & Male with 12awg 150mm soldered wire

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