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J1772 Active Vehicle Control Module AVC2 - For Public Charge Stations

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This device allows you to use electric charging stations.

A small module to control the Pilot signal in the vehicle and monitor the Proximity Signal from the mating J1772 parts. Contacts are available to inhibit the motor while charging or activate lights around the inlet connector. It is intended for conversion vehicles to improve the safety and compatibility with public J1772 charging stations.

This module monitors the latch switch in the J1772 system and removes the pilot signal when your thumb is in the connector latch further insuring power is off long before the connector separates. There are 8 connections and the module is powered by the vehicles 12 volt system, current draw is always under 20ma. The SPDT relay has a set of contacts for your use. Soft start or stop of charging would be typical uses A led shows when the circuit is latched.

This product is also compatible with the European Mennekes connector and L2 charging stations.

Relay NO - Normally Open
Relay C - Common
Relay NC - Normally Closed
+12 power from the vehicle
CH chassis ground (and AC power ground)
GND green wire from J1772 Inlet Connector
PROX prox wire from J1772 Inlet Connector
PILOT pilot wire from J1772 Inlet Connector

All deliveries are carbon neutral
Powered by Shopify Planet