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Eaton Bussmann series EV square body 350A 850Vdc Fuse

Eaton Bussmann series EV square body 350A 850Vdc Fuse

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Technical data

  • Rated voltage: 850 V d.c. 

  • Rated current: 350 A 

  • Fuse body sizes: 1*, 

    Features and benefits

  • Standardised bolt-on tags are suitable for adequate heat transfer supporting high duty cyclic performance

  • The high speed operation performance enables co-ordination with EV contactors as the thermal let-through and current limiting ability under short-circuit conditions is second to none

  • The fuses current limiting ability reduces the peak currents seen by the system contactors during an electrical fault, thus reducing the magnetic forces that would otherwise cause levitation of contacts and the destruction of the system contactors

  • Rating to 2ms time constant to reflect typical vehicle battery architecture

  • Produced under IATF16949 quality system to ensure your application is safe

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