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16V for better high power car audio than 12V!  For those audiophiles that need greater and more  consistent power output and high discharge! This listing is for the PCB busbars onlyUse to build a 12-16v high power battery, special for car audio high amperage use. A 16V LiFePO4 battery is considered superior for car audio and bass-head applications due to its higher voltage potential, improved power delivery, enhanced amplifier performance, reduced current draw, voltage stability under load, compact size, and long cycle life. To make this powerful battery use 10x LEV60F cells, sold separately > HERE. 5-pin jumper cable for meter/balancer sold separately > HERE. These cells need containment and may even need compression, depending on your use, 1-cell wide compression kit is available HERELEV60 terminal torque: 9Nm +/- 3 / 6.64ft-lb.

Busbar Specs

  • Condition:  New & unused
  • Material:  Heavy duty PCB with copper
  • Voltage (nominal):  16VDC
  • Configuration:  5S2P
  • Power, max continuous current:  800A (12,800W)
  • Power, max burst current:  1200A (19,200W) for 10 seconds
  • Cells:  Requires 10x LEV60F lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) prismatic cells
  • Dimensions:  0" H x 0" W x 0" L

Battery Specs

  • Typical capacity:  148Ah
  • Max Voltage : 18.25v
  • Min Voltage: 12.5v
  • Configuration: 5S2P 
  • Capacity: 148Ah

Other components you'll need to build a complete 16v LEV60 battery:

  • 10x LEV60F cells sold separately > HERE
  • Aluminum plates (must be used for full power output), sold separately > 4x long aluminum busbars, 1x pair of aluminum D-plates
  • 1-cell wide compression kit sold separately > HERE
  • 1x 6-pin jumper cable for meter/balancer sold separately > HERE
  • Fish Paper for isolation between cells available > HERE
  • 2/0 aluminum terminal blocks available > HERE


  1. Better Voltage Potential
    Car audio systems benefit from higher voltage levels as they can deliver more power to the amplifiers. A 16V LiFePO4 battery provides a higher nominal voltage compared to a standard 12V battery. This higher voltage can result in increased amplifier efficiency and more headroom for high-energy audio playback.

  2. Better Power Delivery
    Car audio systems often demand rapid bursts of power, especially for deep bass notes. The higher voltage of a 16V LiFePO4 battery allows for quicker and more efficient power delivery to the amplifiers, ensuring that they receive the necessary power to handle demanding audio signals without voltage drops that might cause distortion.

  3. Better Amplifier Performance
    Many car audio amplifiers are designed to work optimally with higher supply voltages. A 16V LiFePO4 battery can provide the amplifiers with the voltage they need to operate closer to their rated power output, resulting in better overall performance and less strain on the components.

  4. Reduced Current Draw
    Higher voltage batteries can deliver the same power with lower current draw compared to lower voltage batteries. This reduced current draw can put less strain on the battery and the vehicle's electrical system, potentially extending the lifespan of components like alternators and wiring.

  5. Voltage Drop Compensation
    In traditional lead-acid batteries, voltage can drop significantly under heavy load, leading to voltage sag and potential audio distortion. LiFePO4 batteries, including 16V variants, are known for maintaining a more stable voltage under load, which is crucial for maintaining audio quality during peak demand.

  6. Compact Size and Weight
    LiFePO4 batteries are compact and lightweight. This is advantageous for car audio installations where space is often limited, allowing for more flexible placement options.

  7. Cycle Life and Longevity
    LiFePO4 batteries are known for their long cycle life. While both 12V and 16V LiFePO4 batteries offer excellent cycle life, the 16V variant can potentially last longer due to its ability to operate more efficiently at higher voltages.


* Important Note: Individual requirements and equipment compatibility should always be considered before making a battery choice. When upgrading to a 16V LiFePO4 battery, you should ensure that your car audio system and amplifiers are compatible with the higher voltage. Some amplifiers are designed to work specifically with 12V systems, so compatibility checks are essential.


    We recommend fully charging this pack as soon as you receive it. Charger not included.

    NOTE: For any lithium iron phosphate batteries, state of charge cannot be determined by voltage alone, you need to count Amp Hours or Watt Hours. Typical behavior is for the "Resting Voltage" to be 13.2VDC a few hours after your charging session. 


    This PCB busbar battery pack can serve as an expansion battery for many popular power stations. See your device specs for max limits. Plz double-check your power station's PV/Solar input specifications to make sure this battery will be compatible.





    These items are sold for DIY and Second Life purposes. Even when sold as “new”, “NOS”, or “like-new”, they may be in less than perfect condition. Buyer is responsible for proper cell recycling/disposal.

    If you buy a product from us and then realize you don't have, or don't want to acquire, the tool(s) or information needed to make our product(s) work for your specific build, this does not constitute valid grounds for replacements, exchanges or refunds. You are responsible for doing your due diligence before making any purchases.

    NEW YORK residents:
    On 3/2/2023 New York passed a law banning the sale of lithium-ion batteries for mobility devices that are not certified to UL 2271, and the assembly and reconditioning with cells removed from used batteries for commercial sale within the state of New York (more details here). New York residents, you are solely responsible for researching, understanding and complying with all pertinent regulatory rules, laws, statutes, and NY safety standards.

    Safety is important to us, we don't want people to get hurt or property to get damaged, especially when working with DIY and/or second-life lithium-ion batteries. All batteries everywhere are inherently dangerous, so we urge all who work with DIY and/or second-life lithium-ion batteries to take safety seriously so as to avoid causing any harm to self, others or property.

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