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3rd Gen Nissan Leaf Module PCB Busbar 14.8v

3rd Gen Nissan Leaf Module PCB Busbar 14.8v

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Allows combining multiple Leaf modules! This custom PCB busbar can combine multiple 3rd Gen Nissan Leaf Module PCB Busbars into larger more powerful batteries. Great for all kinds of energy storage uses like DIY eBike, eScooter, golf cart conversions, solar energy storage, battery backups, RV power storage, and even 12v systems like car audio.

The 4s1p version makes a 14.8v 112Ah 1670Wh Nissan Leaf battery that can do 100A at the XT90 connector, or 300A directly on the ring terminals. The 4s2p version makes a 14.8v 224Ah 3340Wh Nissan Leaf battery that can do 200A at the XT90 connectors, or 600A directly on the ring terminals.

Available in the following versions (choose from dropdown menu):

  • 4s1p PCB busbar (100A at XT90 / 300A at ring terminals)

Configurations:  4S1P or 4S2P
Material:  PCB with copper
Current, 4S1P:  100A at XT90 / 300A at ring terminals
Current, 4S2P:  200A at XT90 / 600A at ring terminals


Other components you'll need:

  • Nissan Leaf battery modules not included, sold separately > HERE*Note: These Nissan Leaf modules should be compressed, especially if you're going to approach 4.2v/cell and/or use them at high currents.
  • BattGo balancer is not included, sold separately > HERE
  • 5-pin balancer cable is not included, sold separately > HERE




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