Mega Cell Charger / 16-cell battery tester

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The Megacell Charger saves you hours of tedious work when measuring the capacity of used 18650 cells recovered from used laptops or power tools batteries. With a 16 cells capacity and a software to remote control and log all the results in a database, this takes your cell recovery work to the next level, ranking you in more profits. You can now help bringing the new version into production by pre-ordering one of the packages.

It has a capacity of 16 cells. It allows independent charging and discharging. You can set the discharge rate between 100 to 1000 mAh. It charges with up to 1 amp per cell with a specialized chip to ensure a proper and safe charging. It detects low voltage cells starting from 1 volt and attempts a slow recovery until reaching 3 volts then it continues normally until fully charged.

We have implemented a workflow that allows setting multiple charge / discharge cycles and charging back to a voltage that’s safe for storing or transportation to comply with the newest DOT and IATA regulations

There’s software available for Desktop, IOS and Android to manage the charger. It has the ability to store the data resulted from tests in a database and use it to build balanced packs afterwards. You can have multiple devices connecting to the software. Graphs for charging, discharging and temperature variations

Temperature sensors for each cell and the ability to stop a process per cell in case the temperature goes over the set threshold. This has been a key feature added to improve the safety of the testing process.

Low noise 50 mm cooling fans with individual radiators to safely dissipate the resulting heat from the discharging process.

The software is integrated with dyno 450 label printing, speeding up the workflow for tagging your cells with the required information for the sorting process.