Amp Booster XT30 Parallel PowerStrip for 36v e-Scooter Battery Packs

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The Amp Booster XT30 Parallel PowerStrip PCB boards allow you to use up to multiple 36v 20-cell scooter packs or 30-cell scooter packs to build medium to large battery systems. Connect to up to x12 packs in parallel so the voltage will remain the same but the amperage current will increase with every battery pack. Connecting 12x 20-cell packs in parallel boosts your battery to 60A. Connecting 12x 30-cell packs in parallel boosts your battery to scratch 100A.

These allow you to build booster packs for use with the very popular Bluetti AC200 or EcoFlow. You can also use this PCB to build a stand alone battery for any application of 60A (for 20-cell packs) or 100A (for 30-cell packs).

This board is fully populated.

Available in 1 configuration:

  • PARALLEL 12p

Additional items needed:



  • 2 Layers PCB
  • 49.2 x 221 mm
  • FR-4
  • 1.6 mm
  • HASL with lead
  • Red solder mask
  • White silkscreen


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