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HEADWAY SUPER BEAST 24v 48ah 1.23kWh Lifepo4 x48 CELLS

HEADWAY SUPER BEAST 24v 48ah 1.23kWh Lifepo4 x48 CELLS

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You get 48 Headway cells plus you get all the 300A busbars, wiring, and cells holders. This is by far the best deal on Headway cells. Now lighter and a little cheaper to ship as well.

The modules are confirmed to be balanced and fully functional. This is a pure power module. Connect this one module to a 5000w 24v inverter with no problem. You will need to add your own 8s lifepo4 BMS or convert this into a 12v module. You have full access to the balance leads so wiring the BMS will be very easy. Also possible to series 2 of these for a 48v module. So many applications these will be good for from RV, solar storage, to car audio.

All you have to do to convert these into 12v is cut the busbar straight down the middle that connects series groups 4 to 5. You will then have 2 12v modules that can push 300A continuous with the included busbars. These are beast modules made to provide hundreds of amps of power. This is the absolute cheapest and best option for car audio and for those of you looking for a 24v powerwall option built like a tank you can't go wrong here. Professionally built and ready to go.

Shipping only available to the United States and Canada. Shipping out of the country requires these to be shipped via freight. For a freight quote email us at All lithium batteries that are over 300 watt hours are considered fully regulated class 9 hazmat and will require a signature at the time of delivery.

This module can be disassembled with just regular screw drivers and wrenches. Super easy to work with. You will not be disappointed. This is a monster and priced to save you money on your car audio build or other project that requires a crazy amount of power. The busbars in the middle are plates with the positive and negative cells screwed directly to each other which is the absolute best way to make connections on these cells. It's basically a threaded rod and the cells screw into each other in the center of the module.

Below are the specs of each cell. You can separate them very easily to build your own module. These were only used as backup to start transformers so the cells will test great even though they are technically used. Plus you know these are the legit cells, not rejects or grade B junk. We tested tens of thousands of these cells and average around 95% capacity.

BMS balance lead pin layout is in the 6th photo. You can cut the wires and connect them to your BMS.

DIMENSIONS: 11.5 x 7 3/4 x 14 inches
Module Weight is 41 lbs.

The busbars are copper on one side and tinned copper on the other side. If you plan on rebuilding these into something else, if you over tighten your bolts it could damage the cell. If you have a torque wrench set it to 3nm. Do not tighten over 4nm.

Chemical composition:  LiFePO4
Nominal Capacity:  8Ah
Charging voltage:  3.65V
Nominal Voltage:  3.2V
Cut-off Discharge Voltage:  2.0V
Charging Method:  CC/CV
Maximum Discharge Current(continuable):  200A
Maximum Charge Current(continuable):  80A
Cycle Life:  1500cycles 1C 100%DOD / 2000cycles 1C 80%DOD
Work temperature: Charge -10℃ to 45℃ / Discharge -20℃ to 65℃
Energy Density:  83 Wh/Kg
Initial Internal Impedance: <4mΩ
Dimension(mm):  Diameter 38mm / Length 120mm(152 with screw)
Weight(g):  360


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