I finally started my podcast, The Jehu Garcia Podcast!

I finally started my podcast, The Jehu Garcia Podcast!

I always wanted to start on of these, and finally I get the chance to do it! This is going for the long haul so please subscribe so you never miss an episode.

The best way to describe my podcast is as follows:

The Jehu Garcia Podcast, part of JAG35 Media, is a show about "ideas and technologies that empower". We cover the bleeding-edge ideas and technologies that are revolutionizing the present, shaping our future, and drive humanity forward. This includes clean tech & EV's, emerging tech, science innovation, and other related science and technology topics. The show is hosted by technology influencer Jehu Garcia (“The Battery King”, as VICE Media calls him) as he converses with industry experts, scientists and even celebrities.

The Jehu Garcia Podcast is sponsored by http://jag35.com

Thanks for joining me on The Jehu Garcia Podcast, this is episode #1. As you know I'm Jehu Garcia and my guest today is Bryan Jimenez, he's the founder, brand strategist and creative director at Archimedes Strategic Branding, and the host of The Archimedes Effect podcast.

Check out the Archimedes Effect podcast: http://anchor.fm/the-archimedes-effect
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Hello hope you are having a wonderful day just a quick question I am a high school science teacher at east community school I was wondering if you ever donate any18650 batteries my students is learning about different kinds of batteries I know it’s a long shot but if you ever do donate and wanted to mail any batteries out the address is 4142 Pleasant Ave Portsmouth Ohio 45662. Thanks.

Martin bauer

Hey there thanks for reading this i just found out about the 18650 battery diy world and im so late i saw you have your wv ev bus and been brain storming so have one motor and one controller (?) idk couldn’t find your build video but any thats not why i made this, have you ever thought and a 4 motor bus and if not please just wright back please on how you would put = power to all 4 motors and how you control/ monitor your battery’s ext
if you would just read this and respond this is my dream to have a live ev bus


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