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Y&H 1000W Grid Tie Inverter Stackable MPPT Pure Sine Wave for Solar

Y&H 1000W Grid Tie Inverter Stackable MPPT Pure Sine Wave for Solar

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Y&H 1000W Grid Tie Inverter Stackable MPPT Pure Sine Wave DC20-45V Solar Input AC90-140V Output For 24V 30V 36V PV Panel

For 24V Solar Panel Voc38-46V
  • Grid Tie Inverter MPPT range: 26V - 36V【DO NOT use solar controller load ports to connect to the inverter】
  • Solar Grid Tie Inverter-Vmp(of a solar panel) must be in the MPPT range to ensure the good output efficiency
  • Grid Tie Solar Inverter-Creative MPPT technology, efficiency more than 99%【Please do not use other voltage input, for example: (20V) or(45V) Please use 200W-1000W solar panel (Voc36-46V)】
  • MPPT Micro Inverter-Max Power Point Tracking and Stackable,Island Protection.If the DC connection is loose and causes a short circuit, then smoke may be emitted.The inverter adopts aluminum alloy casing, so there is no fire.
  • Grid Tie Micro Inverter-Adopting high-frequency isolation transformer type, high efficiency 【Each time you move the inverter, tighten the DC connection terminals. Avoid short circuit of DC terminal due to loose connection】
  • 1000W Grid tie inverter , Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • DC20V-45V to AC90-140V Output.
  • 24V, 30V Solar Panels, Vmp is 26-30V and Voc is 34-38V
  • 36V Solar Panels, Vmp is 35-39V and Voc is 42-46V

1000W Grid Tie inverter is a compact unit, which directly converts direct current into alternating current for powering appliances and/or office equipments and connecting to utility grid. The AC output from Smart Micro inverter is synchronized and in-phase with the utility grid.

  • Please be noted, this grid tie inverter cannot be used as off grid/stand alone solar system. The output need to be connected to the grid power. Can't supply power directly to the AC loads.
  • DO NOT use solar controller load ports to connect to the inverter
  • Perfectly compatible with solar panels at 30V or 36V (Vmp)
  • It cannot be used with 12V/24V/48V battery.
  • Only use the 36V battery to power the inverter
  • Use a battery to power the inverter, please use a circuit breaker.
  • Mechanical meter: Excess electricity will be uploaded to the grid, reducing electricity bills. For smart meters, it may increase the electricity bill, so you need to choose the version with limiter.

How to DIY Grid Tie Inverter Solar System?

DC20-45V version.

1: Please check the power of your solar panel, the power cannot be lower than 200W

2: Please check your solar panel voltage, open circuit voltage 38-46V (Voc)

3: Note: Please use solar panels with the same specifications

DC Input

Easy to install, DC connect your solar panel (red terminals connect "+", black terminals connect "-")

Note 1: Do not connect the positive and negative poles. The LED will not light up.

Note 2: Please tighten the DC end of the inverter. Avoid loosening and short circuits.

AC output

The AC cord to the inverter 3 foot outlet, then the AC cord to home 3 pin AC outlet.The switch of the home outlet must be turned on.

Note 1: The local power grid must be normal. In case of power failure, the inverter will automatically stop working (island protection)

Note 2: The household outlet switch must be turned on. Otherwise, the inverter cannot be synchronized to the grid.

Stackable Connection

The purpose is let small power inverter become high-power inverter.

In order to achieve higher power use requirements, the use of this product can be stacked, such as: 4 grid tie inverter 1000W of stack used is equal to 4000W, and the number of open stacks (No Quantitative Restrictions).


MPPT technology

Creative MPPT tech makes efficiency higher than 99%. Peak conversion 80%. Consider the conversion rate of solar panel is about 80%, for example, if you need 500W power output from the inverter, you need to connect it to a solar panel that 500 / 0.8 / 0.8 equals about 780W, (780w * 0.8 * 0.8 = 500w)

Multiple protections

Islanding; Short-circuit; converse connection; Low Voltage; Over Voltage; Over temperature Protection

Fan Cooling

Intelligence Fan-on temperature >45℃ and off < 40℃. High-speed ventilation fans to help keep the inverter running at a low temperature.


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