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Two Wheel Balancing Car Battery 36V

Two Wheel Balancing Car Battery 36V

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These packs are 10 sells in series and 2 cells in parallel,  so they are 36v nominal.  They have a BMS capable of 10A continous and 20A Bursts.  Good to salvage cells but also good to use as is to power 36v equipment.

Multiple packs can be connected in parallel using this DC powerstrip to build a bigger battery that can be used to store energy and power 36v inverters like this UPS used in my DIY powerwall

Model: 10S2PSTACKM20
Typical Capacity: 2200mAh
Nominal Capcity: 2200mAh
Diameter: 18mm
Length: 65mm
Voltage nominal: 3.6V
Charge voltage cut-off: 4.2V
Discharging cut-off: 2.5V
Connector:  XT60 female

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