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Redesigned Electrodacus SBMS40

Redesigned Electrodacus SBMS40

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The Original ElectraDacus is an amazingly intuitive BMS Solar Charge controller system. Developed by Dacian originally it has now been slightly redesigned by 3D-Brothers to optimize it for mass manufacturing processes.  This means it will be easier to bring this awesome device to you the end user. 

Features & Benefits

What’s nice about the SBMS40 is that you can connect it directly to solar panels, battery, and to a load that’s up to 40 Amps at 24 Volts.

You also have the option of connecting relays or big contactors for both the load and the charging ports. 

For those that are not interested in the onboard charging and discharging MOSFETs, we also made available a version that’s the equivalent of SBMS0. This option comes in at a lower price, and you will need to use Relays such as SSR or contactors to control your charging and the load.

Both SBMS0 and SBMS40 are fantastic for big setups, and the price makes sense. But for smaller arrangements or Lead replacement packs, the cost can be a problem. For this reason, we got one step further and designed the Headless SBMS.  In this version, we separated the display and the programming part from the actual BMS which handles the cells. This way, you can have multiple BMS’es that you program before installing, then they work as standalone units.

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