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PowerBox DIY Enclosure

PowerBox DIY Enclosure

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This is a DIY enclosure for building a Battery Module that can use battery cells (sold separately) that you can easily load up using your DIY tools. Can be used for many applications like portable and stationary energy storage packs. The enclosure can have many battery systems added to it including our Printed Circuit Board system using cell holders scalable by stacking multiple boards on top of each other using brass standoffs that serve as the electrical connection between them.

The PowerBox DIY enclosure is a recycled/repurposed aluminum box and it ships disassembled, without cells, and it requires the end user to load it with battery cells (sold separately) and reassemble it back together. The entire process should be easily achievable using your existing DIY toolkit.

Dimensions: 21" L x 8.5" W x 6.5" H
Contains:  Enclosure (box) only

Here's my video of a 24V PowerBox with this enclosure:

Here is a large Installation using these (36kwh)




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