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Pallets of pre-owned XIAOMI M365 "BIRD" e-Scooters for DIY

Pallets of pre-owned XIAOMI M365 "BIRD" e-Scooters for DIY

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We have several pallets of pre-owned XIAOMI M365 "Bird" eScooters. Approximately 25-30 scooters per pallet. Great for refurbishing and reselling. Condition ranging from fair to good. In unknown running condition (the one we fixed runs very well). DIY repairs may be needed on units (dash, headlight, flat tire, battery, etc). Needs a good DIY-er to get them back on the road.


Xiaomi M365 eScooter | Jehu Garcia

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NEW YORK residents:
On 3/2/2023 New York passed a law banning the sale of lithium-ion batteries for mobility devices that are not certified to UL 2271, and the assembly and reconditioning with cells removed from used batteries for commercial sale within the state of New York (more details here). New York residents, you are solely responsible for researching, understanding and complying with all pertinent regulatory rules, laws, statutes, and NY safety standards.

Safety is important to us, we don't want people to get hurt or property to get damaged, especially when working with DIY and/or second-life lithium-ion batteries. All batteries everywhere are inherently dangerous, so we urge all who work with DIY and/or second-life lithium-ion batteries to take safety seriously so as to avoid causing any harm to self, others or property.

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