New 18-CELL MODULES G3 Honda Insight 18S - Extreme Power

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SAVE on extreme power cells with our new G3 LITHIUM CELL 18S MODULE. Each module contains x18 G3 Honda Insight

3.6V 5Ah lithium cells, comparable to CMAX cells,

with the G3 terminals being ~1/8" shorter. x2 modules gets you x36 cells! The G3 cells are more affordable when you buy the 18S modules! 

Going fast, get yours while they last!

Module is fairly easy to disassemble, removal of screws with basic tools.

CELL SPACERS ARE INCLUDED. Some disassembly required.

Module Specifications:

    • 4.25" H x 12.5" L x 5" W
    • x18
    • G3 Honda Insight
    • 3.6V 5Ah lithium cells

Cell Specifications:

    • NMC cell chemistry
    • Low 2.8V high 4.2v
    • Nominal 3.6v
    • 120.7 mm L
    • 13.3 mm W
    • 100 mm H with terminals.
    • Terminal size: M5 0.8
    • 1lb 8oz
    • Capacity:  5 Ah
    • Capacity: 18.75 Wh
    • 60C

Cell voltages:

  • 4.2V = 100% SOC (Absolute MAX)
  • 4.1V = 90% SOC (recommended max)
  • 3.7V = 70% SOC
  • 3.5V = 20% SOC (recommended min)
  • 3V = 0% SOC

12-28 nuts work.

* Note: These cells may need to be compressed to prevent expansion. Compression equipment not included. Buyer assumes all risks.

CELL SPACERS ARE INCLUDED. Some disassembly required.


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DIY, sold as is.