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MegaloDongle X - Scooter Battery XT30 Powerstrip for DIY Powerwall

MegaloDongle X - Scooter Battery XT30 Powerstrip for DIY Powerwall

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The MegaloDongle X Powerstrip is designed especially for your DIY Powerwall build using 20-cell scooter packs and 30-cell scooter packs with XT30 connectors. Connect multiple MegaloDongle X Powerstrips together to build your powerwall to your custom specs. Each MegaloDongle X Powerstrip allows you to combine up to x28  20-cell scooter packs and 30-cell scooter packs. Discharge via an SB120 Anderson connector, charge via XT90. See videos below.

Battery packs sold separately, found here:
20-cell scooter packs & 30-cell scooter packs.



Available in 2 configurations (choose from dropdown menu):

  • MegaloDongle X Master for x28 scooter packs
  • MegaloDongle X Slave for x28 scooter packs (no meter)



The MegaloDongle X Master comes with a built-in DC 500V 500A WIRELESS VOLTAGE/POWER/CAPACITY METER. It has 18 functions to help you conveniently and quickly access more accurate measurements. Note: The MegaloDongle X Slave does not come with a meter.

  • Wireless transmission of data, to avoid the complex wiring between the display and detection modules that could cause interference.
  • Hall sensor is used to realize non-contact detection current without disconnecting wires, which is safe, reliable and convenient.
  • Voltage, current, power, temperature, capacity, percentage of remaining capacity, running time is displayed at the same time.
  • Double relay interface. Manage charge and discharge separately.
  • With charge over voltage, discharge under voltage, charge over-current, discharge over-current protection.
  • The memory function of the breakpoint, power-on and power-off, and the number of AH and WH before power-off can be memorized.

More meter specs & details here.



      Use this charger to charge your scooter packs through the MegaloDongle Xs built-in XT90 charging pigtail.



        Use this inverter.



          Use this transfer switch.


          Watch these videos to learn more about the MegaloDongle X: 


          Watch this video to learn how use the MegaloDongle X to build your own DIY Powerwall:




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