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Leviton 47605-28W Series 280M Structured Media Center with Cover

Leviton 47605-28W Series 280M Structured Media Center with Cover

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Perfect for enclosing your home battery.

  • Size 28 inch: 29.32 inches (744.7 millimetre)H x 15.62 inches (396.7 millimetre) W x 3.68 inches (93.5 millimetre) D
  • Multiple Knock-outs on top and bottom, including two 2” knock-outs on top, facilitate cable entry and routing
  • Cut-out in base of enclosure for mounting single and double gang J-boxes and power modules
  • Can be surface-mounted or recessed,Powder-coated white cover features a 3/4 Inch overlap to hide irregular drywall cuts
  • Positive tabs on housing sidewalls prevent enclosure from falling through the studs during installation

28" SMC Enclosure and Cover: Leviton's 28” Structured Media Center (SMC) serves single family homes as command central for communications, education, entertainment, and business needs. The 28" SMC can easily accommodate DSL and cable Internet modems, networking, cable and satellite video. They also serve VoIP, IPTV, fax, multiple telephone lines, video monitoring cameras, intercom, and distributed audio. By bringing every conceivable technology distribution point together in one place, these enclosures make running cable and managing media both simple and cost effective. Incorporate a hospital grade power quality module for maximum protection from line surges. The 28” SMCs can comfortably accommodate up to eight distribution modules, depending on selection and density. In larger homes, many contractors specify multiple SMCs, sometimes separating coaxial cable-based CATV or Satellite TV equipment from the Cat 5e or Cat 6 UTP-based communications and networking equipment. White powder coated 20 gauge steel (enclosure) 18 gauge steel (cover/door).

Leviton’s Structured Media enclosure provides a centralized hub for the distribution of all of a home’s networking systems, providing homeowners with a reliable, secure, and flexible way of managing their wired homes. In bygone years, a home network needed only a cable TV connection and a phone line to be complete. Today’s homeowners, by contrast, expect the capability to perform many high-bandwidth activities, often simultaneously. Leviton’s Structured Media enclosure is an integral part of any structured wiring solution, enabling contractors and DIY homeowners to consolidate their home networking products into a single location.

An Expandable Hub for Your Wired Home
The 28-inch Structured Media enclosure is designed to organize and integrate all the networking needs of a three- to five-bedroom house, including a home office or den. The Structured Media enclosure provides a convenient termination point for wiring home runs from wall outlets and has the added benefit of cleaning up the haphazard tangles of wires that comprise most home networks. Based on the kind of structured hubs employed in commercial applications, it’s the ideal way to centralize the home’s telephone, television, multiroom audio, and high-speed data networks.

At 28 inches tall by 14 inches wide by 3.5 inches deep, the enclosure provides ample space for different distribution model configurations. Depending on selection and density, the enclosure comfortably houses up to eight distribution modules, such as coaxial cable-based signals or Cat 5e communications equipment. A cut-out in the base of the enclosure accommodates a power module for any active equipment that is placed in the enclosure (for example, modems, routers, or active switches).

Flexible Installation for Unique Needs
The Structured Media enclosure is designed to facilitate installation flexibility, reduce jobsite labor costs, and enable DIY installation—perfect for retrofits as well as new construction. Included in this kit is a corrugated mud guard that protects the interior of the enclosure. The enclosure can be mounted flush with a surface or mounted in wall. To prevent the enclosure from falling through wall studs during installation, the enclosure sidewalls feature positive tabs that can be folded out. The included enclosure cover, made of 18-gauge steel, features a ¾-inch overlap designed to mask any irregular drywall cuts, ensuring a clean-looking installation.

What's in the Box
Included in this kit are one 28-inch metal Structured Media center, one flush-mount metal cover, one corrugated mudguard, four No. 10 1-inch wall mounting screws, and six self-healing foam grommets for cable routing.

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