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HRB Amass XT60PW Plug Connector Male & Female, 5 Pair

HRB Amass XT60PW Plug Connector Male & Female, 5 Pair

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XT-60 connectors for the PCB

HRB Amass XT60 XT60PW Plug Connector Male & Female 5 Pair for RC Battery Rc Models

  • Brand Name: Amass
  • Item Name: XT60PW
  • Body Material: Gold-plated copper
  • Internal Material: PA
  • Internal Resistance: 0.50Ω Max.
  • RC/MC: 30A/60A
  • Rated voltage: DC500V
  • Temperature Resistance: -20°C~120°C
  • Recommend Use: 1000 times
  • Recommend Cable Spec.: PCB
  • A new generation of model plug patent product, female end for battery and male end for charger.
  • The design of jacket rear concave can make the shrink tube inserted more deeply to protect joints from water vapor against and easy to solder.
  • New style housing and groove slot design looks more beautiful make the connection stronger and avoid any mistake. Non-slip insulator, easy to connect.
  • Package Included:5 x XT60PW Male Connector 5x XT60PW Female Connector


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