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DROK Time Delay Relay Controller Board Switcher

DROK Time Delay Relay Controller Board Switcher

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Im using this time-based relay to switch between charging and discharging. Cycles can be scheduled or triggered by an external signal.

  • DROK timer relay operating voltage range is DC 6-30V, support micro USB 5.0 V power supply; support high level trigger 3.0v-24v and low level trigger 0v-0.2v; timing range is 0.01s~9999mins, can be continuously adjustable.

Integrity, Quality, Innovation, Customer -DROK

DROK has been engaged in technical research, development, manufacture and sale of all kinds of timer relay for many years.

With acquisition of leading technology, we strictly enforce quality management system and improve operational management, dedicate to produce high performance timer relay for customers.

LCD Display
The screen can clearly display the working mode and parameter.

Functional buttons
It is easy to set parameter. Moreover, there is a key emergency STOP function (STOP key), and with the reverse connection protection, reverse connection will not burn the relay.

Micro USB 5.0V power supply is available

Working voltage: DC DC 6-30V
Input port: Micro USB 5.0V

Wire sockets
High trigger level: 3.0-24V
Low trigger level: 0.0-0.2V

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