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Bafang eBike MOTOR 36V DC w/ Tektro Disk Brake on IMPERFECT Wheel - DISCOUNTED

Bafang eBike MOTOR 36V DC w/ Tektro Disk Brake on IMPERFECT Wheel - DISCOUNTED

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This listing is for the eBike wheel MOTOR with Tektro disk brake on an IMPERFECT wheel. Imperfect means it may have a bent rim, damaged spokes, damaged tire, or slightly bent disk brake. Great for DIY eBike projectsready for re-lacing onto another wheel, all you need to do is remove the motor from the imperfect wheel. Motor works fine, cable in tact, tires may or may not be good, tube might need replacing. May be some cosmetic blemishes.

Available in 2 versions (choose from the dropdown menu):

  • With connector
  • Without connector


Batteries sold separately, see below for recommendations. Additional parts and wiring will be required to use these in your eBike project. Controllers sold separately.


How to re-lace motor onto another wheel:


    Engine Model - FM G020.250/350.D 10

    BAFANG DC36V BLDC A2 Specs
    • Position Front Motor
    • Construction Gear drive
    • Rated Voltage (DCV) 36
    • n0 (Rpm) 325 ; 245
    • Rated Power (W) 250/350
    • nT(Rpm) 205
    • Max Torque 45 N.m
    • Efficiency (%) ≥ 80
    • Weight (kg) 3.3
    • Noise Grade (dB) < 55
    • Operating Temperature -20-45℃
    • Mounting Parameters
    • Brake Disc Brake
    • Installation Widths (mm / OLD) 100
    • Max. Housing Diameter (mm) 158
    • Cabling Route Shaft Side, Right
    • Cable Length(mm), Connection Type 250 G9.1
    • Spoke Specification 36H*13G
    • Further Specifications
    • Speed Detection Signal (Pulses/Cycle) 6
    • Reduction Ratio 1:5
    • Magnet Poles (2P) 20

    Center bolt: M12, 0.125" pitch


    What else you need to build your DIY eBike:


  • 178mm spokes
  • 24" rim (only needed if your rim is not 36 hole)
  • Wheel nut -
  • Alternate wheel nut: Autozone
  • 36V eBike kit -
  • Alternate 36v eBike kit -
  • Extension cable -
  • Charger -
  • $25 - eBike Light-power Battery -
  • $35 - eBike Mid-power Battery -
  • $57 - eBike High-power Battery -


    The wiring colors from the controller and the eBike wheel motor cable should not be matched up entirely (blue with blue, yellow with yellow, green with green). In order to wire it correctly see this picture:

    It's possible another wiring combination may be needed, but we've seen that this configuration works best. If you don't wire the motor correctly the motor may appear to be running but without turning the wheel. It's very likely not broken, it just needs the motor wiring as pictured above.


    These items are sold for DIY and Second Life purposes. Even when sold as “new”, “NOS”, or “like-new”, they may be in less than perfect condition.

    DIY, sold as is. No refunds or returns for discounted items.

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