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48v Ammo Can battery Kit

48v Ammo Can battery Kit

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This is a full kit for building a 48v Battery in a 50cal Ammo can that is easy to carry around. This power pack can be used for many applications. It's designed to use x98 18650 battery cells.
Battery cells sold separately > Find batteries here

It's designed around a Printed Circuit board using cell holders  scalable by stacking multiple boards on top of each other using brass standoffs that also serve as the electrical connection between them.
Here is what is included in this kit:
  • 14x  7s Batt Modules
  • 2x 7s 50A BMS Modules
  • 2x xt60 male Pigtails
  • 2x xt60 female pigtails
  • 1x xt90 to ring terminals
  • 20x  6mm Nylon standoffs
  • 12x  30mm Nylon standoffs
  • 48x 25mm brass Standoffs
  • 24x M4 screws
  • 2x 10 connector length ribbon cables
  • 1x pair of binding terminal Posts
  • 1x battery meter
  • 1x  50cal Ammo case
Assembly Required

50cal Ammo can 
  • FOR .50 CALIBER: The can single 1-pack measures 12” x 7.5” x 6” inches (30.5cm x 19.1cm x 51.2cm) for ample room storing .50 caliber ammunition or other valuables and gear



Battery cells sold separately > Find batteries here



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