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40-cell NCR18650BD 18650 Scooter Pack - IMPERFECT, DIY ONLY

40-cell NCR18650BD 18650 Scooter Pack - IMPERFECT, DIY ONLY

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Read the description very carefully. Yes, the entire description.

Shipping to Lower 48 USA states only via Ground Shipping. No international shipping including Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico. Non-USA customers click here.


These are DIY ONLY "imperfect" 10s4p lithium Battery Scooter packs (460Wh). Imperfect means they have one or more of the following known issues: Partial case, crushed and/or missing connectors, nicked wires, thermistor disconnected, etc (this isn't a complete list).

Available in 2 varieties (choose from dropdown menu):

  • Imperfect with case
  • Imperfect without case

They contain x40 Panasonic NCR18650BD cells. Great for Building 36v battery packs as they are testing at least 95% capacity. Packs should have ~90% usable cells.

This product is sold for DIY USE ONLY and is SOLD AS-IS. That means no refunds or exchanges. Caveat emptor.

To learn how to use these packs it's important that you carefully read the instructions down below.

Any voltage below 30v at the discharge port is an indication that the BMS is hibernation mode. The Internal BMS can be turned on by applying voltage to the charging port (smaller cable). The battery pack will remain in the "ON" state for as long as it has a voltage of 30v or above and without a load.  Applying a load above 1A will cause the battery to shut 'OFF" after 5 seconds then remain off for 60 seconds, ON for 5 seconds, OFF for 60 seconds for an indefinite amount of cycles. Using this Arduino Controller connected to the blue cable will instruct the BMS to remain ON while under load. This activator dongle is recommended instead (includes Arduino) if you don't want to solder yourself.

Again, most of these battery packs are in hibernation mode, this means that even though the pack is resting at around 30v the output connector shows sometimes 1v to 15v. This means the MOSFETS in the BMS are off.

Typical Capacity: 3200mAh
Nominal Capcity: 3100mAh
Diameter: 18mm
Length: 65mm
Voltage nominal: 3.6V
Charge voltage cut-off: 4.2V
Discharging cut-off: 2.5V
Module Dimentions: 16"x 3"x1.75"


How to use battery:

Step 1:  You have to charge the battery pack to 42v. Charge the battery using this new charger. (Or you can use any 10s charger like this, look for one with an XT90 male connector or you can swap whatever connector to the XT90:  Charger on AMAZON. Here is a charger you can order with the XT90 Male connector on Aliexpress). Once charged, some packs will automatically turn on, if yours turns on you can skip Step 2. Others will require you to...

Step 2:
 Bridge the negative pins on both connectors together using a jumper cable. You can also apply 42v to the small charging port and it will take the battery out of hibernation, you will need this small charging connector. If you don’t have the small charging connector you will have to cut the original connector and solder in your own connector. XT90 connectors work great here.

Step 3: Use our ready-to-use Activating Dongle to prevent the battery pack from turning off when you apply a load above 1 Amp. If you decide to DIY it and solder in your own Arduino controlleryou will need to get the male connectors since the scooter pack normally comes with female connectors attached.


To charge these batteries:

Charge the battery using this new charger.

For the following chargers you may need to add the XT connector yourself: 42v 2A charger to charge scooter batteries: / Quick Charge 36v 15A charger: Some packs may be at a voltage such that a normal charger will not recognize them, so they won't charge. This can be resolved by charging using a variable voltage power supply.


WATCH THIS VIDEO to learn how to wake these battery packs up:







This product is sold for DIY use only and is SOLD AS-IS. NO REFUNDS or exchanges.


Note that these are reclaimed packs, so the actual cell voltage you receive may be lower than the label shows. These items are sold for DIY and Second Life purposes. Listings that are “untested” as sold as-is and cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded. We make no guarantees that all cells will be usable. Even when sold as “new”, “NOS”, or “like-new”, they may be in less than perfect condition. Buyer is responsible for proper cell recycling/disposal. Sold as-is. No refunds.

If you buy a product from us and then realize you don't have, or don't want to acquire, the tool(s) or information needed to make our product(s) work for your specific build, this does not constitute valid grounds for replacements, exchanges or refunds. You are responsible for doing your due diligence before making any purchases.

NEW YORK residents:
On 3/2/2023 New York passed a law banning the sale of lithium-ion batteries for mobility devices that are not certified to UL 2271, and the assembly and reconditioning with cells removed from used batteries for commercial sale within the state of New York (more details here). New York residents, you are solely responsible for researching, understanding and complying with all pertinent regulatory rules, laws, statutes, and NY safety standards.

Safety is important to us, we don't want people to get hurt or property to get damaged, especially when working with DIY and/or second-life lithium-ion batteries. All batteries everywhere are inherently dangerous, so we urge all who work with DIY and/or second-life lithium-ion batteries to take safety seriously so as to avoid causing any harm to self, others or property.

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