DALY 17s (60v) BMS 100A

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Daly waterproof 17s 60v 100A BMS li-ion bms for lithium battery  (3.7V Rated Li-ION Battery) Common port for charge/discharge.  

◆The main functions are: over charge protection, over discharge protection, over current protection, short-circuit protection, temperature protection etc.

◆BMS manufactured by high quality Mos and IC imported top quality (A-level) protective integrated circuit IC, from Seiko of Japan.

◆Strong load ability, constant discharge current 100A, use high voltage resistance, low inner resistance power Mosfet. The heat sink will greatly help cooling.

◆IC itself has power balancing function, simple and reliable. ◆Extreme low power consumption, less than 50uA. ◆PCB Conformal Coating.