DIY Electric Skateboard PCB 20-Cell Battery Module

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DIY Electric Skateboard PCB Battery Module. Fits x20 18650 cells per module. Main connector is an XT60. Additional parts required to use this module in your DIY project.

  • Batteries sold separately (x20 cells 18650 lithium ion). Harvest this 20-cell battery pack, or check out these great modem packs.

  • Controller, sold separately via 3rd partyESC controller is available at MBoards  >> remember to use the code JEHU to get free shipping with MBoards.

  • Charger, sold separately via 3rd party. Charge the battery using any 10s charger like this these, look for one with an XT60 male connector or you can swap whatever connector to the XT60:  Charger on AMAZON. You have to charge the batteries to 42v.

  • Electric Motor, sold separately via 3rd party > Buy at MBoards  >> remember to use the code JEHU to get free shipping with MBoards.

  • Deck sold separately.

  • A protective cover for the battery module is recommended.

Batteries sold separately (x20 cells 18650 lithium ion). Harvest this 20-cell battery pack, or check out these great modem packs.