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Hyperion VX-G3 LiPo 6500mAh Battery

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Great deal for this unused LiPo battery! The Hyperion VX-G3 LiPo Battery gives you 22.2v 6500mAh at 35C discharge (227.5A continuous) in a 6S configuration. Perfect for your RC Car, RC Aircraft, RC Boat, RC Helicopter, Drone or other high amp devices. It's compact and packed with power to provide higher voltage under load, less heat, more charges, and higher amp draw capability.


  • Condition: Unused
  • Voltage: 22.2v
  • Capacity: 6500mAh
  • Amperage: 227.5A continuous
  • Discharge wire size: 10 AWG
  • Discharge: 35C
  • Discharge wire length: 120mm
  • Discharge connector: None
  • Balance connector: Yes
  • Charge: 5C max
  • Cell type: 3.7v cell LiPo
  • Configuration: 6S
  • Dimensions: 160mm L x 47mm H x 70.8mm W
  • Weight: 1011g



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All deliveries are carbon neutral
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