35-Cell LiFePO4 Pack 16V 370Wh OBX-E + Balancer

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16V packs, recommended for using 3 packs in series for 48v applications (15s) OBX-E LiFePO4 cells and building booster packs for your Bluetti. The BMS is rated for 5A and will turn on by initially charging the pack to 18.2 volts.

When linking multiple OBX-E packs, remember to balance charge your OBX-E packs so they're balanced at the same charge level. To do that, add to cart the OBX-E Balancer Charger 18v 2A DC. Balancer sold separately, and available right here in the dropdown menu.

Choose from the dropdown menu:

  • 35-cell OBX-E LiFePO4 26650 Pack
  • Balancer Charger for OBX-E, 18v 2A DC


  • 35-cells per pack
  • 16 volt pack
  • 26650Fe LiFePO4 chemistry
  • 297.5 Wh

Here is the mating cable ATX connectors - https://amzn.to/3eHHmdX


Use this OBX-E pack to make a booster battery for your Bluetti/Ecoflow, watch this video:



Also, use these packs to make Jehu's 3.3KWH LFP PCB TOOL BOX KIT.


DIY, sold as is.