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3.3kWh 48v LFP PCB Tool Box Kit

3.3kWh 48v LFP PCB Tool Box Kit

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This 3.3kWh 48v LiFePO4 PCB Tool Box Kit allows you to use multiple (x9) 16v OBX-E packs (sold separately) to build a powerful and portable Tool Box 48v battery system. The kit will connect to up to x9 packs in 3s3p configuration. This allows you to build a large booster pack for the very popular Bluetti AC200 or EcoFlow Solar Generators. You can also use this kit to build a stand alone 48v battery for any application of 15A or less. The PCB board is fully populated (no soldering needed). Tool Box sold separately here.

Includes a "toolbox faceplate" you can install on the box with a built-in battery state of charge meter, 250v fuse, ON/OFF switch, 48v output to PV input on Bluetti AC200P.

Also includes a bonus x5 pack Initial Balancing Charge area (left side of main board) for use with an 18v 2A DC power supply with 5.5mm x 2.1mm round jack connector, to be used for balancing the packs before connecting to the main board.

The discharge cable is the XT90 Pigtail. Connect your main charger to the included Anderson powerpole connector.

You will need to order these additional items to finish the project:

1x - Makita Box XLarge:

9x - OBX-E battery packs

1x - 48v 4A Charger:


Video Instructions here:


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