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2kWh! Unused 48v 40Ah 21700 Cell Modules

2kWh! Unused 48v 40Ah 21700 Cell Modules

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This listing is for unused 2kWh 48v (50.8v) 40Ah 21700 cell modules. Each module contains 112x high quality Samsung INR21700 5Ah cells in a 14s8p configuration. These modules are a scalable building block architecture in 2kWh increments offering robust, safe and high performance lithium-ion batteries. Originally designed for light electric vehicles and new OEM designs to optimize the packaging space and range.


    Available in 2 versions (choose from dropdown menu  ):

    • Spot welded
    • Not spot welded


    Main Specs

    • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
    • Cells: Samsung INR21700
    • Configuration:  14s8p
    • Nominal Voltage: 50.8 V
    • Nominal Capacity: 40 Ah
    • Nominal Energy: 2.0 kWh
    • Cycle Life: 5,000 cycles


    • Easy replacement of lead acid
    • Manufactured in world-class battery systems facility in the USA
    • Verified software compatibility with leading chargers
    • Integrated cell CID and fusible links
    • Scalable modules expand systems up to 20 kWh
    • Small size and feature-rich, suitable for entire portfolio of machines and market applications
    • Easy integration without complex and expensive battery pack development effort
    • OEM and after-market friendly 
    • Automotive-grade system design and AECQ-qualified components
    • Automotive engineering & validation (vibration, shock, life …)
    • IP67 water and dust proof, constructed for harsh industrial and motive environments
    • Laser-welded cell interconnects
    • Layers of protection (cells, interconnects, fuses, non-propagation, and integration)
    • ISO-26262 (ASIL-B) Functional Safety


    Electrical Characteristics

    • Nominal Capacity: 5-Hr rate 40 Ah
    • Nominal Capacity: 20-Hr rate 41 Ah
    • Nominal Energy: 5-Hr rate 2.0 kWh
    • Nominal Energy: 20-Hr rate 2.1 kWh
    • Max Charging Voltage: 57.4 V
    • Minimum Discharge Voltage: 42.0 V
    • Float Voltage: 51.1 V – 57.4 V
    • Max. Cont. Charging Current: 12 A
    • Max. Charge Current (2 s, 10 s): 5,7 64.8 A, 50.4 A
    • Max. Cont. Discharge Current: 80 A
    • Max. Discharge Current (2, 10, 30. 120s): 5,7 150, 120, 104, 80 A
    • Max. Inrush Current: 250 A (FETs open)
    • Pre-Charge Circuit: 100 ohms (Pre-charge 2 mF in 1 s)


    Mechanical Characteristics

    • Case Material: ABS
    • Flammability Rating: UL 94 V-0
    • Environmental Protection: IP 67
    • Storage Temperature Range: -30 ºC to 60 ºC
    • Operating Temperature Range: Charge: 0 °C to 50 °C / Discharge: -20 °C to 6 °


    Safety and Compliance

    • Cell safety certification: UL 1642
    • Shipping certification: UN 38.3
    • Safety compliance: UL 2271
    • Environmental compliance: REACH, RoHS and Battery D (2006/66/EC)
    • CE Certification: Complies with EU Directive, IEC 61000-6-1 & IEC 61000-6-3



      Charger not included. We recommend fully charging this pack as soon as you receive it.

      Watch this video to learn about these packs:


      Harvesting Cells

      If you prefer to harvest the cells, you have to remove the case, extract the cells (you'll have to cut and clean the Nickel interconnects using snips). Once the cells are out and clean you will have to test them using a charger like this.


      Note that these are reclaimed packs, so the actual cell voltage you receive may be lower than the label shows. We make no guarantees that all cells will be usable. These items are sold for DIY and Second Life purposes. Sold as-is. No refunds. Buyer is responsible for proper cell recycling/disposal.


      Listings that are “untested” as sold as-is and cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded. These items are sold for DIY and Second Life purposes. Even when sold as “new”, “NOS”, or “like-new”, they may be in less than perfect condition. Buyer is responsible for proper cell recycling/disposal.

      If you buy a product from us and then realize you don't have, or don't want to acquire, the tool(s) or information needed to make our product(s) work for your specific build, this does not constitute valid grounds for replacements, exchanges or refunds. You are responsible for doing your due diligence before making any purchases.

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