LiFePO4 3.2v 26650 15-Cell/Pack, x2 Packs (30 cells)

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Great deal, less than $100/kWh!
Labeled as 3.2v 22650 LiFePO4 cells, in packs of x15 for building your own DIY packs and modules. 2x packs (30 cells) per box. Each cell is originally 3300mah. The BMS is in unknown condition. Perfect for use with the 12V 4S LIFEPO4 26650 PCB KITUntested reclaimed packs for harvesting cells only.


Listings that are "untested" are sold as-is. These items are sold for DIY and Second Life purposes. Even when sold as “new”, “NOS”, or “like-new”, they may be in less than perfect condition.