WindyNation 6 AWG 6 Gauge Single Red 1 foot w/ 3/8" Lugs Pure Copper PowerFlex Battery Inverter Cables

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WindyNation 6 AWG 6 Gauge Single Red 1 foot w/ 3/8" Lugs Pure Copper PowerFlex Battery Inverter Cables

Positive cable

  • Includes one red 6 gauge cable pre-assembled with marine grade cable lugs. Use selection tabs to select (1) terminal mounting hole stud size (5/16" both ends, 3/8" both ends, or one end 5/16" + one end 3/8") and (2) cable length (options range from 9 inches to 7 feet)
  • Manufactured with ultra-flexible WindyNation Power-Flex Cable. 100% fine stranded PURE COPPER cable for high amperage applications.
  • Cable is SAE J1127 compliant and rated for up to 600 volts from -50°C to +105°C.
  • Pure copper cable lugs are tinned coated and utilize a closed end design for corrosion protection.
  • Polyolefin heat shrink tubing applied to form a protective seal.


Power-Flex Battery Cable

WindyNation's Power-Flex welding battery cable is a highly flexible industrial grade electrical cable manufactured to the highest standards right here in the USA! A high strand cable count combined with a soft, pliable EPDM insulation results in a flexible cable every time. Our cable is resistant to tears, cuts, abrasion, water moisture, and oil based solvents.


Pure Copper Tin Coated Cable Lugs

Heavy Duty

WindyNation's pure copper tin coated cable lugs are heavy duty, pure copper, and meet the standard for UL486 WIRE CONNECTORS AND SOLDERING LUGS. Our cable lugs are ideal for marine and humid environments because the tin coating protects the copper cable lug from corrosion and oxidation. If you need cable lugs for an outdoor installation on your RV, boat, car, truck, golf cart, off-grid wind or solar installation, then WindyNation's tinned lugs are your go to choice!



Cables are precisely cut and stripped on automated robotic cable processing machines.


Cable lugs are attached using a 6 ton pneumatic crimper with custom dies, resulting in an ultra-strong, non-removable crimp.