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About JAG35

We always wanted to make movies, and when HD became available in
consumer camcorders, like the HV20, we became excited about shooting
again. We learned about 35mm adapters while researching how to achieve
the film look, but we couldn’t afford to buy the professional adapters
out there. We followed a tutorial and built one. We posted our
progress on HV20.com and when people saw the results of our adapter,
they wanted us to make them one also. We started building adapters
for a couple of people in our spare time, but quickly realized how
much demand there was for these products. We realized we could stay
busy full time building adapters.

We were quickly bombarded with questions and orders and have expanded
to handle customer service, process orders and build more products. We
are learning everyday how to run a business and make our company work,
but our passion is making great looking movies and helping others do
the same. We love what we do. Every day really is a great experience.
We are constantly doing different things, we’ve gotten to travel a
bit, meet very interesting people, talented filmmakers and very smart
business owners, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Jag35 is located at:   
9007 Arrow Route, Suite 180   
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730