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The Field Runner v2

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Quick Overview

The Field Runner is a low-cost, light-weight, and highly ergonomic offset shoulder rig for DSLR shooters on a budget or on the go. Shooters who use the camera’s LCD display with or without a viewfinder for monitoring prefer the Field Runner because it places the camera in front of the face. The Field Runner is ideal for traveling shooters who need a compact yet full-featured rig and shooters on a budget who need a rig today that can grow tomorrow. Think of the Field Runner as the baby brother to the Full Shoulder Rig

Dimensions: H: 7" | W: 8" | L: 17"
Weight: 2lb 9oz

Availability: In stock


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Now featuring our new DSLR Stand V2 which is now compatible with your Canon 5D Mark III or 6D! We’ve implemented a small change that will allow you to use your Canon 5D Mark III and 6D securely. This new design features a lock pin hole for your camera. Still made out of aluminum, you can be sure your camera will be supported and secured.

A smaller and lighter alternative to our Full Shoulder Rig, the Field Runner v2 was designed to be easier to travel with. Although it is the travel size version of some of the larger rigs, the Field Runner still has many of the features that shooters look for in a rig. Made from sturdy and lightweight aluminum, the Field Runner will handle any job thrown at it. This Rig also conforms to the industry standard 15mm rod system, meaning you can mount any accessories that use this system, and it features a DSLR stand that can be used to easily mount any 1/4-20 threaded camera. The Field Runners offset design is perfect for shooters that use the cameras LCD display with or without a viewfinder, because it places the camera in front of the shooters face, giving them a perfect view of what they are shooting.

Hit The Road and Run

If you’ve ever shot on location, you know that there’s one item that never fits in the camera bag... a shoulder rig. But with the Field Runner, this is no longer a problem. The front and rear sections are joined using a single thumb wheel, so the Field Runner can be separated into two small sections for travel and reassembled in seconds.  


Field Runners unique double-offset counterweight system maintains balance while still allowing the camera to be placed in the ideal position... directly in front of the shooters face. Field Runner remains balanced while shooting in the low position using the optional top handle or balanced handle.The Field Runner’s unique double-offset counterweight system means that the rig stays balanced on the roll axis, even with the camera offset.  

Pimp My Rig

The Field Runner is great on its own, but it has tons of potential. We definitely recommend a top handle for flying low and close to the ground. Then add a D|Focus on your rig, it's compact and won’t upset the balance of your rig. Plus, there is virtually zero lag on the D|Focus gearboxes, meaning that it competes with follow focuses costing ten times as much. Check out the configurations below.  

Better than ever

Here at Jag35 we are always looking to improve the machining and the overall quality of our products, because we understand that shooters want to get the best out of their gear. Recently, Jag35 has begun to apply many of these improvements into our Version 2 products. We’ve completely upgraded the way we machine our components, changing from using a water jet to milling. This gives our products a perfectly smooth surface, and allows our knobs and rail-blocks to support more tightening force. This allows the rail-blocks to get a tighter grip on the rods, resulting in a more rigid and durable overall rig. We’ve also changed the way we anodize our products, which has resulted in a smoother, shinier finish with a more even, longer lasting color. This means your Field Runner will be looking good, and more importantly working well, even after years of use and abuse.

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