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Hi, my name is Jehu Garcia and I am an aspiring filmmaker. My love for movies started when I was 8 years old when my parents took me to see an IMAX Film called "El pueblo del sol" at the The Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT). My family emigrated to the USA in 1988 and I grew up in a suburb of Los Angeles enjoying watching and dreaming of making movies. When I was 18 I used my first paycheck to buy a SONY camcorder, and for the next 5 years I would shoot hundreds of hours of video. In 2001 I attempted to shoot my first movie but not having any idea what was doing the project quickly fell apart. In 2005 I bought my first HD camcorder and I discovered Depth Of Field adapters and I stablished JAG35.com to manufacture and sell tools for filmmakers. Currently I still shoot everyday and I still dream of shooting my very own feature film. I continue to develop my skills and I hope to one day make my dream come true.

Who We Are -
Jag35 was started by Jehu and Misa Garcia as a way to make our own hollywood movies, when High Definition became available in consumer camcorders, like the HV20, we felt it was our opportunity to make our move. We learned about 35mm adapters while researching how to achieve the film look, but we couldn’t afford to buy the professional adapters in the marketplace, so we followed a tutorial to built one. We posted our
progress on HV20.com forum and when people saw the results, they wanted to buy one from us. We quickly realized how much demand there was for these products and that we could help so many people by building them.

What started as a hobby in Jehu's bedrom quickly turned into a real company with employees and an office. We are learning everyday how to run a business and make our company work, but our passion is making great looking movies and helping others do
the same and we love what we do. We keep ourselves busy and we've been lucky enough to travel, meet interesting people, talented filmmakers and very smart business owners, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.